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Two Hearts in One CH. 3
A DxS Fanfic
"Who the hell is this?!" Danny screamed.
"My, my. How touchy you are. I hope you don't do anything rash, seeing as I have your little girlfriend with me."
"You have Sam?! Is she alright?! Let me talk to her." He said wanting to know if she was okay.
"Oh she's alright. But in due time, she will become my most precious experiment. You better hope you get here before, for her and your sake."
Danny was stunned. He dropped his phone and all that was ringing in his head was the maniacal laughter of the man who took his love.  
"Damn it! Damn him to hell...I need to find Sam...Hopefully Sam still has that necklace I gave her." Danny said as he turned ghost and flew away.
He knew he had one thing to do. He had to find Tucker and hopefully track Sam down. Danny also knew that this would happen someday. This was why he was reluctant to date Sam at first. He didn't want anything bad to happen to anyone he loved. And know his nightmare is coming true. Someone he loved was ta
:iconsabykhan:sabykhan 7 18
Two Hearts In One CH. 2
A DxS Fanfic
Sometime later Sam opened her eyes and found herself someplace new. She looked around and realized that she had never seen it before. Sam got up to look around when a sharp pounding sensation struck her head. She grabbed her head and fell to the floor. She screamed in horror of the pain. She panted and managed to stagger her way to the wall for support. Then she heard a voice.
"Having trouble getting up, my dear?"
It was a voice she never heard of before. It had a powerful tone to it, yet sweet and caring. Sam tried to look up, her head still pulsating. When the pain subsided she looked up and saw a man. He had to have been in his late twenties, probably stood at around 6 feet and had considerable amounts of gray hair. She wanted to get a better look at who he really is, but the room was too dark and her head was pulsating again.
"Are you having head problems, young lady?"
She didn't answer him. The pain was unbearable.
:iconsabykhan:sabykhan 8 30
Two Hearts In One CH. 1
A DxS Fanfic.
Senior Year:
It was a couple of days before the dance. Sam was raring to go but she was waiting to be asked by her boyfriend. She was waiting for Danny Fenton.
Sam was just waiting in her last period. Oh how she longed for the weekend, a time for Danny and her to be together, since they didn't have any classes together this term. She looked at the clock and sighed.
"Only 10 minutes left..." she thought.  
She started getting restless. Her legs shaking, fingers tapping on the desk. Then it happened. Sam grabbed her back pack as the bell rang and rushed to her locker. She rapidly opened it up and jammed her books into it, but at the same time being careful as to not damage them. She closed it and waited outside of room 105. This was his room. She waited. All the teenagers came out except for Danny. She looked inside and saw that he wasn't there. She sighed and started walking away until...
"Sam! Where are you going? I thought you were meeting me by my locke
:iconsabykhan:sabykhan 13 24


Overall, I really enjoyed the comic. I like the overarching story you tell with the previous two chapters and I enjoyed the theme conne...


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AND, if your interested... I'm still looking for something Artemi related but I do have this, it's Versi Related. It's a bit longer and it's RP more than it is Cry of kina ^^; But it does envolve my favorite character, and it's a more recent work. And the Versi is my favorite race... I know I shouldn't play favorites, they're all like my children. But... I just... JUST READ! [link]
MekaraWills Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2012
-blinkblink- ... -rubs eyes- Nelan? ^^; Sorry I didn't reply to any of your messages. I kinda woke up at 4:00 in the morning, got on DA, and was shocked that I didn't notice them! I had no idea how to respond... Wow... XD Thank you so much, I appreciated the comments, and WOO you found ur DA XD
Freilaclanbarin Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2012
No worries. I'm just glad that they seemed to make you smile. Just enjoyed taking a look at your work so I thought I'd let you know. Don't worry about responding to all of them... I know I wrote a lot... but I was in a writty mood. Thank you for sending shall enjoying reading your work and seeing what you've sent me. Thanks! And I understand the whole 'having favorites' in a story. After all while I'm not a professional writer I do have stories and TRY to write... and I understand that you just get someone or a group or something that become your... well children.